Special Education Department Strengthen The Foundation of Achievement and Graduates' Profiles as Ammunition of The Existence

The accelerating growth of science and technology has resulted in competition among college graduates through their skills. Higher education institutions will continue to be recognized for their existence if they have excellent graduates and their study program as an institution is recognized by national or even international accreditation. A strong desire and belief are attached to the lecturers at Special Education Program Study or Prodi PLB to keep going. The vision, mission, purpose, and strong faith of the team of PLB's lecturers become credible ammunition to clarify the direction and purpose of the graduates.

The obvious ways for the graduate begin with the achievement of the graduate and the results seen from the product's profile of the graduate. These achievements and profiles of graduates will be used as the main outline of the curriculum for students. In early August (05/08/2021), at the same time, a month of independence from the Republic of Indonesia provided the same enthusiasm for Prodi PLB for the struggle to compile the curriculum. The workshop is held at the beginning for discussion of that topic. The workshop was opened by the dean of FIP UNY, Dr. Sujarwo, M.Pd, and monitored by Dr. Cepi Safruddin Abd. Jabar, M.Pd, deputy dean of FIP's academic services and cooperation.

 The struggle to disassemble the content and formulate the achievements of graduates is carried out for one day which is divided into two sessions. The first session discussed the achievements of graduates and the second is the profile of the graduate. The excellent achievement and profiles of graduated PLB UNY show in attitude, knowledge, and skill from giving special educational services. The knowledge acquired is used to serve children with special needs appropriately in terms of education by taking into account the latest issues, and current developments in science and technology. Then, a religious attitude and an openness to collaboration expand the scope of services provided and make them comprehensive. The struggle to strengthen the achievements and profiles of graduates of the Prodi PLB will be continued with a discussion of curriculum building, subjects, and learning outcomes of the subjects.