Through the Division of Consultation and Services for Children with Special Needs, the Department of Special Education Laboratory opens services for Children with Special Needs with comprehensive handling carried out by experts in their fields.

At this time, there are many changes and developments in science and technology and community lifestyles that also impact increasing deviations in children's growth and development. Along with this era, including changes in people's lifestyles, there are also more prevalences of children with special needs. Children with special needs such as children with visual impairments, hearing impairments, intellectual barriers, physical barriers, emotional and behavioural disorders, compound barriers, gifted children, and children with specific learning difficulties need special treatment. In addition, some children experience developmental disorders such as autism, ADD / ADHD, speech delays, stuttering and articulation disorders, and children categorized as naughty by the environment such as abrasives, impulsive, withdrawal disorders, breaking the rules and other behavioural disorders. On the other hand, in today's modern society, lifestyle demands in the educational dimension are pretty high. This situation means that the need for quality education continues to increase, including for children with special needs, who must have the ability to be able to adapt to the demands they face. Such a situation certainly requires appropriate and professional services following the needs and conditions of each Child.

The services provided by

the PLB UNY laboratory are aimed at

1. Uncover the potential that the Child has.

2. Helping children with special needs optimize their potential.

3. Assist parents and other related parties in understanding their children.

The various services available at the PLB UNY Laboratory are

1. Diagnostic Services

* Intelligence Tests: WISC, SPM, CPM.

* Hearing Test

* Academic Diagnostic Tests

* Motor Ability Test (sensorimotor, thinking and motivation)

* School Entrance Readiness Test

* Personality Test

* Graphical Test

2. Assessment Services

* Medical Assessment

* Psychological Assessment

* Language Assessment

* Academic Assessment

3. Consulting Services

* Psychological and educational consultation of children with special needs.

4. Educational Services

* Academic handling of children with special needs.

5. Therapeutic Services

* Speech

* Games

* Occupation


The Child with special needs consulting and services division collaborates with Special School and Inclusive Schools to provide children with special needs assessment and handling services.

Expert Team in the department of special education laboratory







Registration and Consultation:

Monday - Friday

Jam 09.00 s.d 13.00

(Service time as agreed)


For further information, please contact:

Special Education Laboratory

Department of PLB FIP UNY



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Contact person:

Dewi Baratuttaqiyah

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Head of Laboratory

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