Sharing In a Pandemic with program “Pendidikan Luar Biasa Mengabdi 2021”

"Pendidikan Luar Biasa Mengabdi" or "PLB Mengabdi" is a community service program organized by the Special Education Students Association (HIMA) and is a forum for Special Education Department's students to make real contributions in the social and humanitarian field within the scope of children's with special needs. This service program is an activity that is in line with the third Tri Dharma of Higher Education, namely "Community Service" which means the activities of the academic community that utilize science and technology to advance the welfare of the community and educate the nation's life. The aims of PLB Mengabdi are among others to provide benefits for children with special needs, build public awareness of the existence of children with special needs, provide space for Special Education Department's students to carry out activities that are engaged in social activities and establish collaboration between HIMA PLB UNY and the foundations and communities that oversee children with special needed.

This year, in the Covid-19 pandemic, PLB Mengabdi was held in the form of an "Open Donation" for one of the foundations that handle children with special needs in Yogyakarta, namely the Sayap Ibu Yogyakarta Foundation. This activity was carried out by involving 24 volunteers from PLB UNY students with an online activity system. This form of activity selection is based on awareness to provide benefits in difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the form of positive activities but by minimizing the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

PLB Mengabdi has opened donations carried out offline and online where information dissemination is carried out through volunteer social media on a scheduled basis. In addition, the dissemination of information was also assisted by the Sayap Ibu Foundation, Students of PLB UNY, as well as through the social media accounts of PLB Mengabdi and HIMA PLB UNY. Meanwhile, offline activities are in the form of "Pick up Donations" which are held as a form of service for the community, especially those in Yogyakarta if you want to donate with cash or goods in the form of rice, oil, or sugar. Especially for offline activities, only volunteers are domiciled in Yogyakarta. This open donation activity is open from March 31st to April 29th, 2021, providing access to the distribution of donations through bank transfers as well as digital financial service applications as well as a special form of "Pick up Donation" services. From this activity, donations in the form of cash Rp. 2.200.000,00 and rice with an amount of 25.3 kg. The collected donations were then distributed to the Sayap Ibu Yogyakarta Foundation by volunteer friends in Yogyakarta on May 7th, 2021. The distribution was carried out in a limited and symbolic way between the Sayap Ibu Yogyakarta Foundation and representatives from fellow volunteers while observing health protocols. For the implementation of the Program of PLB Mengabdi, the committee provided E-Certificates for volunteer friends who have dedicated themselves for approximately one month to an open donation program for the Sayap Ibu Yogyakarta Foundation.

The existence of the PLB Mengabdi's program is expected to have a positive impact on the PLB UNY environment and the wider environment. This is because through the PLB Serving Student PLB program, UNY can contribute together to raising awareness and create a friendly environment for the presence of children with special needs. Through PLB Mengbdi, anyone who is involved in it can learn to share and accept each other together.