"Al-Qur'an Approach" as Handling Abnormal Behavior Children with Behavior Disabilities Become Runner Up in MTQMN UNY

The importance of the role of parents in the development of children, especially in moral and behavioral development, is a serious concern. The conflict between divorced parents and the mental unpreparedness of parents in raising children causes deviant behavior in children up to 5.4%. More serious and intensive handling should be needed with an easy-to-apply approach. This problem prompted two UNY students, namely Dewi Meliyan Ningrum (Dewi) and Nunu Nur Fadilah (Nunu) 2020 Special Education Study Program, to formulate ideas about a religious approach in overcoming children's deviant behavior. The title "Modification of Destructive Behavior in Children with Disabilities in the Karst Mountains Area with a Parental Exemplary Strategy based on QS. Al Ahzab verse 21" won second place defeating 80 other participants in the 2022 UNY National Student Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an (MTQMN UNY) competition which was held by LDK UKKI UNY. The competition which was held from February 21 to March 5 2022 with the theme "Improving Student Creativity and Innovation with the Spirit of the Qur'an Towards Advanced Indonesia" motivated Dewi and Nunu under the guidance of lecturer Gena Diniarti, M.Pd. develop a strategy of exemplary parents through 4 steps, namely; taking attention, being a model, confirmation, and reinforcement (Reinforcement). Dewi Meliyan and Nunu Fadilah hope with this idea to solve the problems of the main mentally retarded children in Gunungkidul based on the Qur'an which is a guide for Muslims.